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DDJ-RZX Default Mapping Request

I have an idea! (I know don't hurt myself haha)

On the DDJ-RZX under the autoloop button are two buttons

"1/2" and "X2" to change the loop size. 

Their 'shift' functionality is 'Loop Move'

That shift function does nothing if there is no loop active. This would be the PERFECT place to put an instant beat jump. If the loop size is set to, for example, 32 beats - those two buttons, when shift is pressed should beat jump by 32 forward and back. 

It's intuitive and the label 'loop move' on the hardware continues to make sense. It just works without an active loop.

Pretty please - this would really be super useful :-)

Thanks - I know you guys listen and are working hard on Rekordbox making it better fast. 


George Ridout

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