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Midi reset on copy pattern (current patch is lost)


- At the Midi Out there is a Novation Bass-Station or another synth (does not matter) connected.

- I have one Midi-Channel as track with a midi sequence for the synth

- Toraiz sends sync to Midi-Out (Bass station)

- playing midi works perfectly, so midi connection is established

- on the synth there is a sound patch loaded, say patch number 88

When doing on the Toraiz the following in the pattern window:

1. Select a scene, select a pattern (e.g. scene 2, pattern 3)

2. Press "Copy" (Copy pattern)

3. Press "Paste" - Paste pattern to a blank pattern (e.g. 4)

4. Have a look at the synth, the patch switched to the first patch (0 or 1) of the synth.

A "Midi-Reset" will be send to the synth at midi out; the previously loaded patch is gone and the first patch of the synth is loaded. 

This behaviour could be recreated with two different synthesizers.

This was pretty annoying because we had programmed a nice sound on the bass station in a live session and when copying the pattern, the sound was gone; this can blast the performance.


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