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VERY NICE! using Maschine "Prophet 6" Template with AS-1

Found something AWESOME! I was looking to try my Maschine MK2 to sequence the AS-1 (because the darn sequencer won't stay in sync) and I found something really useful! If you load up the new External Instrument Templates for Maschine 2.6+ and you choose a similar Dave Smith Synth Preset for Maschine the CC data is spot ON!!!!!!!!! You can get to hidden parameters and get more knob tweaking if you use the Maschine Template for the "Prophet 6" with your AS-1. This is spectacular! It has 5 pages of preset parameters and I got some killer sounds from this! I will post video tonight but this IS working !



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Thank you for that information! 

Dj Creme
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