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RekordboxDJ and DDJ-SP1 and PLX-500 Timecode.

Hello Pioneer DJ team, my name is Dedy, and I have some questions, I hope you can answer me.

Has a pair of pioneering Turntables PLX 500 and a Mixer DJM-250MK2, use the TIMECODE of DVS technology with discs.


1 - To add my songs to each deck, I need to go to the notebook and drag to the deck which I'm going to play, giving the play in the music, sometimes I need to get back from the CUE point where I marked my music. I need to know if there is any configuration in rekordbox, so that when I remove the needle from the TIMECODE reading the music can return to the CUE point where it is marked?
Why do I remove the needle from TIMECODE to the music where the needle was removed and does not return to the CUE point.

2 - If you do not have this configuration in rekordboxdj. I am interested in purchasing the DDJ SP1 controller, so I do not have to add my songs through the notebook, but the DDJ-SP1 LOAD, and use the HOT CUE, ROLL, SLICER, SAMPLER pads ... I need to know if it's possible to use All the features of DDJ-SP1 in rekordboxdj?
Can I use two USB (Drivers) connections in rekordbox to use my DJM250MK2 and DDJ-SP1 mixer?

Awaiting return.

Dedy Monteiro

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