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**Announcement: Toraiz SP-16 Firmware 1.31 Now Available**

Below is the latest update for the Toraiz SP-16. Version 1.31

Click link to download


*Please note, this is a minor update and bug-fix only. We’re working hard on bringing exciting new features to the TORAIZ SP-16 via a separate firmware update as promised, which we plan to release in late 2017. In the meantime, we hope you’ll find the bug fixes in the 1.31 update beneficial.

  • Improved
    • When loading samples to a TRACK, TIME STRETCH and other settings remained the same and did not engage the default MASTER TEMPO setting.
  • Fixed
    • The command MIDI-NOTE-OFF was not sent when pressing STOP immediately after sending MIDI-NOTE-ON during playback/record.
    • Removed the feature COPY CURRENT SCENE TO from the PROJECT MENU. Please use the feature IMPORT/EXPORT from the SCENE MANAGER file.
    • When SAVE AS PACKAGE was selected GRID SLICE retuned to the default setting.
    • Improved stability and fixed other minor issues.
Dj Creme

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