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Toraiz AS-1 Sequencer

Currently the sequencer is kind of a pain to program and displays the information rather poorly. I have an idea for a sequencer control scheme that could make things a little smoother and easier to program.

The sequencer data could be displayed on a page where we can see the information of 4 steps (with a number pages corresponding to sequence length). Each step could display the note value, whether that step is a rest or a tie or has slew attached. While working on that screen the note pads at the bottom can take on a few awesome functions as well. Since we have 4 steps available, we could use the 8 white key note pads as 2 groups of 4 pads for control. Single taps on pads 1-4 could mute steps 1-4, single taps on 5-8 could set slew for steps 1-4. Tapping and holding pad 1-4 and adjusting the Value knob can change the note associated with that step, pressing and holding pads 5-8 and adjusting the Value knob could set that step to rest or tie. These features together utilize that gorgeous OLED screen, the note pads at the bottom, and seriously streamlines how information is displayed for the sequencer.

brandon heinz

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