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Sampler Issues

Firstly, I have only recently moved over to Pioneer and am very happy with the move.

I've been getting my head around Rekordbox and have started incorporating the sampler in to my mixing. I have loaded one-bar samples in to about 50% of the slots across all banks but have started experiencing some issues.

Firstly, I have set the sample deck to sync to the master deck but have had to manually enter the BPM for each of the one-bar samples in order for sync to work properly. This isn't a major issue but it becomes one when I change to a higher tempo genre. I have my samples split in two between 128 and 175 BPM genres and experience issues when I move back and forth. Rekordbox seems to forget the individual sample BPM and I have to manually re-enter them for sync to work again.

Since experiencing this, some samples fail to loop, sometimes refusing to play at all.

Any ideas if the issue(s)?

Thanks in advance.

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In order for the sampler to sync properly to a playing deck, something should be set as the master (either a deck or the sampler itself), and the samples must be loops to be able to sync; one-shot samples CAN NOT SYNC as the intention is so that samples such as drum hits or vocals don't have their play length altered.

The sample (itself) must have the sync enabled and then the sampler must also have the sync enabled in order for everything to match up.

Manually typing in a matched tempo for a non-loop will work, but all you're doing there is changing the beatgrid of the sample, it doesn't affect the playback speed / duration (no stretching / compression).

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Last time I tried the sampler I saw the same thing, couldn't get the samples to sync to the master decks. Interestingly I could go the other direction and get the master to sync to the sample slot (but thats not much use).

I posted here about it and don't get any feedback so I'm at a loss as to whether I'm doing something wrong or it's a bug.

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Hi Pulse.


Thank you for getting back to me.


The one-bar samples I am using are "captures" from within Rekordbox from 4 beat loops. The individual samples were set to Loop mode (and Gate) so that sync is enabled and the Sampler deck itself has Sync switched on too.


The individual sample BPM does affect the playback speed, or at least the pitch, as I have had some success manually doubling up or halving.


HOWEVER, as a newcomer to Rekordbox, I wasn't aware that version 5 was out in Beta - since upgrading 2 days ago, I haven't experienced any of these problems!

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