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Latency & white noice RMX 1000 + djm 900 nxs2


Problem 1

1) there is no track playing

2) there is no effect activated on the RMX 1000

3) when I activate the send return button (on top off the mixer djm) there is so much white noise that if I on for example the flanger on my djm you can hear it going on that white RMX white noise (not the effect white noise) !!

Problem 2

1) track A and B are same tracks and same speed and they play in a loop at the same time.

2) I active the send return button (on top off the mixer djm) without I activate an effect on the RMX. My effect channel is set on Track A. Result => my tracks are not anymore perfect in synq. That prove there is a latency. 

2 little problems you thing, but trust me If i make a vid people will say WTF !! Is this normal? 

Pls, i worked for 3 years in dj shop and had many clients with problems so pls not ask if i have right firmware, cable's, bla bla bla bla 

Dave Marjori

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