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Requesting more options on binding needle search to MIDI devices

Hi. Just started using Rekordbox DJ with DVS. Also using a Kontrol X1 as a MIDI controller to quickly browse songs, make loops, search the song etc. 

I am however somewhat disappointed with the options on binding Needle Search to a MIDI device. At the moment when binding NeedleSearch its type is "Value", meaning you require support on your device for eg a knob, that has a start point with one value and an end point with another, and everything in between. When the knob is moved to it's leftmost end, I scrub to the start of the track, and on its rightmost, the track's end. 

What I request is the ability to bind something like "NeedleSearchForward" and "NeedleSearchBackwards" so that you can mimic the needle search function on for instance a CDJ unit.

This current NeedleSearch is limiting. Example: Track length is 3 min. I play it from the start. If I then move the knob and it's currently at the 12 o clock position, the track will jump from its position in the start of the track to the percentual value of around 50% (where the knob was when I moved it, 12 o clock).

Surely it must be a simple task to add this? It's standard practice in virtually every Pioneer DJ player?

Karl Edvin Gadd Répondu

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Sorry, Needle Search and Jog functions are reserved for Pioneer DJ products and are not available for MIDI mapping.

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I am moving this to Product Features & Suggestions

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