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SP-16 looping arrangement and ev


I have been using my SP-16 quite a bit recently and there and many things I enjoy  about it. I believe that with a couple of decent OS updates it could be one of the best sampling drums machines of all time. 

I am starting to run into roadblocks with more serious production due to a lack of a couple of features.

1. I would like the arrangement window to have a loop mode where it plays the whole arrangement from start to finish over and over. This is a good feature if a user wants to overcome the four bar loop limit, but doesn't want to program an entire song or just wants a long, looping backing track to jam over with other instruments. 

2. I would also like the ability to cut and paste event data in patterns and between patterns. 

IOW, if there is a half bar phrase(2 beats out of a 4/4 phrase) that I like, I would like to be able to select that phrase and then cut and paste it back into the same track to repeat itself. I'd also like the ability to take event data from one track, and paste it into another track.

Perhaps I want two synths to play the same part in one pattern, but different parts in another. Currently, if I want to do that I have to write down each note and setting, and then manually write that to the other midi track. 

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Hello MT,

Thank you for your feedback and suggestions, I will pass this information along to the production team. 

Thank you

Dj Creme
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And not to be snarky, but these are both features that have been available in Akai MPC sequencers since 1988. 

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