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XDJ-700 Rekordbox Tags and syncing



I have two litte problems where I can't find no solution for online.

1.) When I am adding a tag in rekordbox, after syncing it with my USB-drive, it won't show up on the XDJ. While the tag is listed inside rekordbox and the track is showing the added tag, the tag list in my player ist just empty.


2.) Is there a way to edit the second decimal bpm? After like 20 seconds, most of my tracks stop running on sync. In traktor, where I can adjust the second decimal, my tracks run like 2 to 3 minutes on sync when they slowly start running asynchronous.

I hope you are able to understand my problems.


Tommy Nick

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I have the same tagging situation on the XDJ-1000MK2 with 5.1 Rekordbox.  It seems like the tagging feature is only available when using the decks connected to a running rekordbox software - not when using USB. 

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