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RB 5.0.1. issues and wishes

I've been using RB for about a year and a half and only use it in Export mode, up until now it's been a good experience but I must say I am not loving V5...

There's something wrong with the metronome, when you toggle between cue/loop & grid and back again even if metronome is still lit it doesn't play without you clicking it off then back on again, which is a bit annoying

I'm not a fan of the new look and layout either, why borderless buttons?

A wish of mine would be to have all the cue/loop & grid tools together on a single line rather than having to switch from one to the other, theres plenty of room to do that and it would be even better if the blocks of tools could be dragged into different positions on that line. If this just isn't possible why not replace the cue/loop & grid buttons just a single toggle button as I seem to waste no end of time pressing the wrong button when all I want to do is switch between the two options

I'd also like to see more ways of selecting which mode of analysis to apply to a track, why can't I just right click on a track and choose "dynamic" or " normal"? It took me ages to find that option

Gripe over, I still think it's great but it could be better


George James

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Its about simplicity and esthetics. To many buttons and people gets annoyed and stressed out!

I actually can think of buying the software as long as i get what i want. Whats the point with something thats free if theres no updates, bug fixes and features that you need to increase your efficiency and cut workload.

This is just and example and not aimed towards Pioneer as i happen to know they are working around the clock with Hardware and Software.

But it was more of a generell point of view or opinion.

But i agree with you George!

What they should have done is giving the user the tools to either AD or Delete functions and features that you don't need or want for the time being. Like in Photoshop or any other Professional software.

But i gladly pay for RBX if i get Camelot Analyze, Top notch Search and Tag editor and Recode and Decoder of audio. All in one solution or bundle!

Course as of now i use up to five programs to get the same or similar result. And that instead increases my workload!

When I'm traveling i want fast and quick results


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