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Rekordbox Midi Mapping - Basics

I'm trying to move from Traktor (which has great midi mapping capabilities) & there's a lot of issues with basic midi mapping in RB.  I'm sure this in the works but heres a couple basics I would like to see:


  • Activate & Deactivate Loop - Traktor does this well: if a loop is active you can deactivate the loop.  If you made a mistake by deactivating you activate the loop again and it keeps playing until it reaches the end of the loop.   if you are within any deactivated loop boundaries and you activate it: it keeps the playhead going and loops when it reaches the end. (right now in RB you deactivate using Reloop Exit - but if you press again it starts the loop from the beginning vs kepping the playhead going and looping when it reaches the end of the loop)
  • also in Traktor while a track is playing you can activate a loop - and when it reaches the next loop saved cue point it activates that loop.  (I know you can set up loops in RB to activate when it reaches a specific loop - but you cant do that while mixing)

Cue Points

  • I cant get cue points working

Midi Out doesn't work, at least for me.

More options

  • knobs - setting a value.  eg: ability to making reset button.  in Traktor I can create a button that affects multiple parameters.


Terry Ferguson

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