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Things i would like to see in rekordbox 5 - 10/2017

my journey serato-->traktor-->rekordbox5 10 years

things i would like to see change

1. personally i think theres to much screen real estate take up by the big white circles, i do not need to see a spinning disc representing a turntable, Trakor uses the deck windows to display vital track information much better.

2. a more indepth more customizable GUI, i want to see more of the browse tracks window permantley, add browse library expand buttons to the ddjrx and rz somehow

3. this is how rekordbox 5 looks on a 12" dell xps12 laptop -  i cant see the pad effects, so much wasted space having the white rings, all of the other information windows are off at this point. i need more customisation badly.

4. really need to be able to sort some play lists by bpm then others by track number instead of one change effects all playlists

5. really wish beat jump had its own tab instead of being a shift function, surely its the second most used feature after hot cue!

thanks for looking :)


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