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DDJ-RZ Mapping for Traktor 2 Pro (Version 2.11.1)

I'm in the process of making a mapping for the DDJ-RZ in Traktor 2 Pro. I'm pretty far right now, and I think it's quite usable already. It's work in progress, and of course this mapping is made according to my personal preference. 

For instance:

* I never use the cross-fader, I've currently mapped it to seeking in the Preview Track (this really works nice and you can quickly seek through it this way)

* The mixer cue buttons (pre-listen) have a double function - The original function (pre-listen) is activated by combining shift-cue, and pressing cue without shift enables/disables the filter knobs.


* Browsing tracks, loading tracks into decks, loading into preview deck (and seeking in it)

* Effects section (mapped as single units, FX1 (deck A/C and FX2 (deck B/D))

* Grid Downbeat Adjust

* Flux Mode

* Jogs (with the usual little added latency, but if you're not a scratch DJ this is fine) (jogs displays don't work yet)

* Sync/Master Deck, Master Tempo, Tempo Fader

* Performance Pads (Setting/Selecting/Deleting Hot Cue's, BeatJump)

* Loop Section (Loop Move todo)


* More use of performance pad modes (suggestions?)

* Effects Section Mapping for Group Mode (and FX3/FX4)

* Sequencer (if possible)

Things I don't care about:

* Sampler

* Slicer

Probably never possible (because either traktor doesn't have it or they are native functions for the DDJ-RZ and provide no MIDI codes)

* Color Effects

* Pad FX


I've published my current work on:


Frederique Rijsdijk

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Could U Make changes in this mapping wich can work with DDJ-RR Console ? :(


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Can't make mappings for devices I don't have.. Sorry!

Frederique Rijsdijk 0 votes
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