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XDJ-RX2: Possibility to create a Playlist (add track to playlist) in standalone mode.

Is there a way to create a playlist onto the usb?
(or to add tracks to a playlist in standalone mode?)

For example:
Tracklist of a podcast is nearly finished to record later on...
(only 2 or 3 more tunes to fill the whole 60min slot for the podcast...)

After some try outs on perfect flow you decided which tunes you are going to use to end your podcast with... Only you did found the perfect combo's at night when you were just playing with the xdj in standalone mode with only the usbdrive...

A chance to highlight a track from the collection and get it to the desired playlist...

also the to adjust the following order...

These ideas are for standalone of course... I am well aware that it's realy easy when hooked to a computer & export to usb-drive later on...

my idea is just to be able to create playlists with out the use of a laptop or smartphone... just pure with the XDJ and the usb Drive...

Just a rough idea and I am well aware that there needs to be created a whole workflow on this issue but hey ... you guys are pioneer right!? :D

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Here's how to create a playlist on the unit:

  1. Find a song
  2. Press the TAG TRACK button
  3. Repeat for any song you want to have on that playlist
  4. When done, press the TAG LIST button
  5. Press the MENU button

The playlist will be saved as TAG LIST 001 (and will increment each time you add a new playlist). You can then import that playlist back into rekordbox and rename it.

Existing playlists can't be modified (no ability to add / remove from the playlist directly on the device).

You can't change the default playlist order, but you can sort them by a variety of criteria, based on which ones you have selected for that device within the rekordbox device sort / menu preferences.

So create, yes. Modify existing, no.

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Is there away to do this on the XDJ-1000 MK2? 



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