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Rekordbox 5 Camelot Key

short post:


on rekordbox 4.x I had camelot key notation visible on each deck, and in the RZX middle screen too.

on rekordobx 5.x no more camelot key in the decks (UI) not either in the RZX screen


add/fix asap.


for the record: I'm not asking to add camelot key analisys, just it to display the value that is in the key tag.

Diego Sucaria

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Did you change them all manually? I can see them all next to the artist name on the deck in performance mode, just not in the key sync part...

Samuel Alexander Spratt 0 votes
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Why is Camelot still not being implemented, according to an email I had from the tech support it supposed to be coming but could do with a timeline otherwise I’ll have to move back to serato do pro

Blank_Disk 0 votes
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