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Video DJs are crying out for mixed playlists

Please please please Pioneer sort this mixed playlist fiasco out.  I am primarily a video DJ, but there are some that I don't have a video for.  The idea of a playlist is to help you on the night choose your tracks. Simple.  What I don't want to do is to flick back and forth between audio and video playlists to choose my next track.  Virtual DJ have managed this for years.  I don't know about coding and programming but surely this is something that you can sort.  Until then, I would be advising anyone thinking of using Rekordbox video not to bother with the other unresolved video issues that still exist.  Surely it can't be that hard.

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Virtual DJ doesn't need to potentially export those playlists for use in a CDJ, which is where the biggest holdup in this situation comes from.

As it has been outlined in other posts, rekordbox was originally designed for exporting your music for use with a CDJ. As it evolved, it became a DJ software, and then added video, but it is still very much a hub for all your music in one ecosystem.

If a DJ had a mixed playlist of audio and video, exporting that playlist for use in a player that can't handle video would be a problem - a portion of their playlist would be absent.

Our engineers are working on the best way to allow for this, but we don't have a timeline for its inclusion. Thanks for your feedback and patience.

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I was VERY vocal about mixed playlist awhile ago but have been quiet :) 

It is very frustrating that this hasn't been resolved.

As a thought ...... since RBvideo plugin is for controllers ( either DVS or DDJ type ) could it be possible for those of us who actually purchase and install the video plugin have a check box that allows mixed playlists. just give a BIG warning that by clicking YES video files would not be available for export. 

As a RBvideo user - I will NEVER export a playlist to USB to use with a standalone. 
I'm pretty sure I speak for alot of other video users that we are connected to the laptop and exporting ( which seems to be the issue of why there are not mixed playlists ) is a feature that video users are not using... 

another option - allow MP3 in a video playlist - 

you can export audio ( normal ) playlists - which will just be audio. but allowing MP3 to be mixed with a video list could resolve the issue of mixed playlists and exporting.

One other nice thing would be to allow video playlists to be added to playlist pallet as well as added to playlist shortcuts . 


still using RB 4.1.0 because of this :) 




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I understand your frustration, but I'm sorry, I don't have a timeline on its implementation.

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