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Also show time on hot-cues when text at same time


I own your WONDERFUL DDJ-RZ that I love!! =)

And use it with the XP1. They complement each other beutiful.

But inside RBDJ Software. If I mark a hotcue. The "Square/button" show color and time and also if an Auto Beat Loop is there. 

What I miss is the time to ALSO show IF I set a text to the Hotcue. The time is important to my mixing-technique so I wonder. Please can you add so the time ALSO show when I have added text to the Hot-cue-buttons?

There is room to do it, right side of the color or the ABL!? =)


Thank you in advance and keep up the good work!!

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I'd agree with that - there's totally enough room, here's a couple of mock-ups I just did.

I'll pass these along to the rekordbox team.

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YES!! Exactly what I was thinking!! Please send your so fine(!) visualisation of the idea to the dev-team! It would be awsome. I have been seeing myself having this trouble on every mix actually. So it would be much appreciated.

The image one at bottom would be the best for me. Good to make use of the empty space to!

You are the man Pulse!! =D

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