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FLX6 stops responding

I have had the FLX6 for about a month, never had a problem with it playing for up to 6 hours at a time. I updated Rekordbox to 6.5.5 on Friday, went to a gig on Friday night and after about 3 hours, the FLX6 stopped responding completely. All the lights were still on, but no buttons/controls worked, with the exception of the master volume. The music continued to play and I could operate Rekordbox on my laptop with the mousepad. The unit did not become responsive until I unplugged it (which caused the music to stop) and plugged it back in. Once I plugged it back in, I could mix for about 30 min at a time before the same thing would happen. I use a mac, but a friend of mine who also has an FLX6 uses windows and experienced the exact same thing, again only after updating Rekordbox to 6.5.5. Please look into this asap, I use this controller every weekend for extended periods of time for gigs (that aren't just in my bedroom!).

Bill Beatty

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