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Choose this STEMS algo for Rekordbox


i've discovered on web the best STEMS separation algo, without Artefacts :

Pioneer take a look at GAUDIO here, and try yourself (it's BETA and free, no subscription to try this new STEMS algo)


and all we are waiting Stems in RKB, you could just add in few second and function, in next 6.6.x version,  to choose layers in multi layered aac .mp4 (In Traktor format, or RIPX format or others...)

Should not be complicated to add a midi or keyboard data, to switch between layer in and multi STEMS layered .mp4.

(Even free VLC sofware tou can read multilayered .Stems files of VDJ or RIPX,  IZOTOPE RX10 batch processor,  or built by user, in VLC just choose the number of layer in .mp4)

So we could use an external software to prepare our STEMS, waiting that Pioneer choose his/their STEMS model and Algo :)









Olivier Frappier

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I second this suggestion! It's an excellent algorithm.

Skyler Knopp 0 votes
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