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DDJ-800 Beat Sync does not work properly

I bought this DDJ-800 through a dealer in Taipei in September this year, and it didn't take long to find that the Beat Sync button on the Deck 2/4 does not work properly, and I have sent it in for repair twice, but the same problem still occurs. I think this is a defective product because the engineer pointed out that the button's plug had fallen off and caused the problem when it was first sent in for repair. This means that the device was not properly assembled, and that there was a lapse in quality control at the factory that did not detect the problem, after all, the plug of an electronic device should not come loose so easily.

I hope that your company will take this problem seriously, and I hope that your staff will provide a suitable solution so that consumers can have a stable and secure product experience, and even if we have to send it for repair, I hope that it can really be repaired, instead of sending it for repair for the third time in less than three months. Thank you.

Saved DJ

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