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DDJ-1000STR shipping delays

Hi there,

I purchased a DDJ 1000 srt back in March 2022 at RedOne Music, and they said that they are waiting on the shipment with the manufacturer/supplier (Pioneer).  
The delivery date has been pushed back several times as they haven't received any products, and not even an official ETA from Pioneer.  

Today I called them back expecting to receive my products late October/early November, and now again, I was told that there is another delay, and the delivery will be late December. This is really frustrating waiting all these months without an answer, and with no expectation when it will be delivered. ZERO respect to the costumer at all! 

I also called a couple of other stores around Toronto and Montreal asking about the same product and ETA's, and each of them has different information when Pioneer products will be shipped to Canada.

Why is this happening? When will I get my order delivered? This is so frustrating since no one, NO ONE, has an answer! 

Vinicius Campolina Répondu

Commentaire officiel


Unfortunately there are a number of factors working against us for stock levels, including global silicon shortages for chip manufacturing from our suppliers (both processing and DACs), parts delays due to a factory fire in 2020 in Japan, production halted at factories from repeated COVID shutdowns, shipping delays due to container shortages, delivery issues thanks to a lack of truckers and backups at the ports, and high demand on products with very little stock … as such our estimated delivery dates and quantities keep changing.

Thank you for your understanding.

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