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I recently bought a brand new DDJ FLX6 to upgrade from my DDJ-400. On November 16th, I downloaded and installed the latest firmware released (11/15/22) for my FLX6 (Version 1.11). I also installed the latest software update for rekordbox (6.6.7). 

After doing this, I noticed an issue was occurring over and over after mixing for a few minutes. The issue was that Master Volume was playing through my headphones even without the 'Master Cue' button enabled. It also kept playing even when the headphone Cue/Mix knob was turned to Cue ONLY. The master would still play through my headphones without the deck playing being Cue'd. This was very frustrating because no matter what I did, nothing would fix the problem except unplugging and replugging the controller again. The issue would came back after a few minutes of mixing again. The last time it happened I decided to make a video showing the issue live. It's a lot easier to understand if you watch the video I uploaded to Youtube. Click the link below.


If downgrading/reverting to the previous firmware for my controller or downgrading/reverting the rekordbox software would most likely fix the issue. Please explain how I can do this.




***UPDATE 11/17/2022***

So I went to my local retailer that I bought the FLX6 from. I did an exchange and brought home another brand new FLX6, however, this one is running Firmware Version 1.00. Guess what, the same issue is occurring. This tells me that the issue is within the Rekordbox software (Version 6.6.7) itself and NOT the firmware. I made another video here updating the situation with the new controller. 



***UPDATE 11/20/2022***

"Please see your ticket for further assistance" - PioneerDJ

Well I did, and I still have no further response from you guys except a generic picture telling me to check all the knobs on the controller which is ridiculous. This is a bug in your latest update for rekordbox, version 6.6.7. I un-installed 6.6.7. and reinstalled rekordbox version 6.6.5. and the issue is completely gone. 

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Hello! The new  flx6 firmware update run in windows 10? 

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