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Combine DDJ FLX6 with 2x CDJ100 via rekordbox as temporary solution

Hi Guys,

I'm in a transition phase from vinyl/cd to a DDJ setup and I would like to go forward with this setup at home till I digitalized everything from my CDs and vinyls.

Setup, i've in mind:

2x external devices (1cdj100 + 1x turntable or 2x cdj100)
1x Laptop with rekordbox

What do you think about the follwing idea? would it be possible?

1. normal setup of DDJ FLX GT with rekordbox for 2 channels (1 and 2)
2. connect external soundcard/dvs system to laptop for usage of my "old" devices
3. Set inputsource within redkordbox to cdj and turntable at channel 4 and 4

Of course the usage regarding cue points, effects ... etc. is not possible (and not my need) for the standalone devices.
I'm aware of that. :-)

  • Is it generally possible?
  • What needs to be considered?
  • What could be an alternative solution (except 2nd mixer or buying an ddj 1000 / xdj xz ;-) )
  • It should be a money saving solution for the home setup, the ddj flx6 gt would be sufficient for me at home

I only want to have the option to mix with that devices over the mixer of the DDJ FLX6 GT.

Best regards,


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