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DDJ Flx4 Serato DJ Lite Smart CFX and Smart Fader problems

To start off, I want to use Serato Lite because of the "Stems" feature".

***Anybody having  Smart fader /Smart CFX issues on Serato Lite? I am starting to suspect that the Flx4 was only optimized for Rekordbox and NOT for Serato lite because it is not even discussed in the "FLX4 manual". Basically, there is no way to bring up the Smart CFX presets ( ex. phantom echo/reflect echo/mobius echo/vaporize/noise chop). But in Rekordbox it comes up when you press smart cfx/shift.

   As for the "smart fader" option, Just like the demo videos online, it works flawlessly on Rekordbox and not on Serato lite. It doesnt do any gradual BPM shift when in Serato lite.



jude pido

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Yes! Me too. Totally deflated with finding this out after buying.

Take it its up to Serato to integrate the hardware features? I just drive get on with RB and really want to use this controller with Serato!

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