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DDJ 1000 Not Displaying Album Art on Cloud Library

I migrated my library to the cloud today using the Rekordbox/Dropbox integration in my Professional RB package. 

Ever since, I have been unable to get album art to display on my DDJ 1000. I have attempted the following:

  • Attempted to toggle "Display Album Art on Jog Wheels" off and on again in the settings, did not help
  • Reflash DDJ 1000 firmware
  • Close, reopen RB
  • Reboot machine
  • Attempted older version of Rekordbox (6.6.6 and 6.6.7 instead of 6.6.8)
  • Reinstall 1000 drivers

Unfortunately none of this has resolved the issue. The images work just fine if I switch back to my USB based library. All album art is showing properly inside of the software itself and on my phone, just not showing on the jog wheel. I see this was an issue in RB 5.2.0 but I'm surprised it hasn't been fixed yet. Is there any workarounds?


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