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DDJ-SZ under MacOS Ventura


I'm very shocked that my DDJ-SZ (purchased for almost 2000euro) is now unsupported under MacOS Ventura.

Do I have to throw this DDJ console away just because you stopped releasing drivers updates as marketing strategy ?

If is this the case, honestly, I would think twice before buy a new Pioneer DJ hw considering the short life in terms of SW support.



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The DDJ-SZ was launched in January 2014 and discontinued January 2017 when the SZ2 was released. I'm sorry that your controller has not yet been included on the officially supported list, and I don't have any details available as to whether it will be added at some point. As the unit has been discontinued for 5 years already, there are no further updates coming from Pioneer DJ, and it's entirely possible that it will not be supported in Serato.

You are able to continue using it with existing software on supported OS's.

Thank you.

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