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DDJ SZ2 Cue Pad Randomly Firing

So my ddj sz2 would randomly fire one of the cue pads. I have tried everything to fix it, update, downgrade, uninstall thing the driver and redownload it. The last thing I tried just moved the issue from one button to the next. If you count the beat pads on top 1-4 and the bottom 5-8 , my issue used to be on 7. Then one day i deleted the driver, and serato, and dowloaded all the latest versions and reanalyzed my files and 7 now works, but 8 does not. I have the issue if it is on hot cue, roll, and slicer. Only on the left platter. The right platter and the mixer works fine, never been near drinks, so no spillage. Just one day started misfiring. Is there any solution you guys have found? I saw some other people were having the issue as well

Josh Roopchand

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