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DDJ-400 Jog Wheel and ground issue

At home when i connect my ddj-400 to my sound system, the jog Wheel does not work. If i connect to a bluetooth speaker it works or to a audio mixer with the right cables it works, so it seems this controller is very sensitive to the ground issue in the cables.

At Home have what is called a issue of grounding. If i touch my hand to something grounded (eg. the metal casing of a computer or appliance or even the metal rca connector), the scratching response from the jog work as expected.

I have bought a ground isolator but i could not solve the problem, and a hum noise appeard very pronounced, also tried different cables and he ferrite cilinders to put on the cables.

What can i do? What kind of isolator can i buy (suggestion) please? because the one i bought it did not worked, or that is not the route to follow?

My system is

DDJ-400 connect via rca-rca cabe to a NAD Cinema Pre-amp ( i have tried all the connections in the nad (cd, dvd, video, sat, etc...) connected to an audio amplifier from Musical Fidelity (an audiophile brand) that powers the speakers.

Thank you for the help

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Thank you, that's is what it happens, but only if i touch something metal that belongs to the circuit of the sound.

Do you have any other alternative, this is and it is not available in Europe and very expensive almost better to buy another controller, or a music mixer.

Thank youuuu

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