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CUE delay on DDJ 200, can´t pinpoint the issue and it disrupts playing

Greetings everyone!

I´m currently having an issue that i could not find anyone else reporting with my DDJ-200. 

As it happens, i used to play with my old laptop (2014 model, 8GB RAM, intel core I5) and had no issue whatsoever.

Recently, I upgraded my laptop to a brand new Acer Nitro 5 (8GB RAM, intel core I5 11th gen 11,4kHz), installed my DDJ200 and kept the same headphone and speaker setup as before. 

However, when I am mixing and hit the CUE button, there is a slight delay with the cued track (a quarter of a beat in 120bpm) and it disrupts a lot the flow because I have to manually adjust every cue.

There is no delay between the speakers and headset. I have tried changing the latency to no avail.

I am in dire need of help, as I will be playing in 2 weeks time at a new years party (i can play as it is, but its much harder work)

Thanks in advance!

João Pazello

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