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Taller CDJ Select/Browse Rotary Knob

I would like to see a taller select/browse rotary knob as the current knob feels slightly short when rotating and causes my fingers to rub the faceplate while using. I would like the select/browse rotary knob on the CDJ to feel like using the filter knobs on the DJM-900nxs2. My fingers can comfortably grab and rotate the filter knob without having to readjust my grip to not rub the faceplate of the mixer. Any knob(s) that are frequently used should feel very natural to the touch and grip with no obstruction. This takes away from the overall user experience for that particular function. This isn't a big deal or even a problem, more of what I see as an improvement with an easy solution.

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There are plenty of 3rd party providers who sell knobs - try Chromacaps for instance. You can always find non-DJ-industry knobs as it's a fairly standard post, or you could 3D print one to your own specification.

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