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Support page no longer includes firmware on new website

Hey guys! Had trouble logging in here, DJ Hub & support page has changed. 

A lot of the guys (& few girls) in the EM-MEA-A (Raf) regions asked me for firmware updates for CDJ/XDJ/DJMs so just sent them via wetransfer as they all struggled with the older "support" section that used to include the firmware/software downloads - now only has database/tips/update instructions. 

For over a decade they were there on one main page- now we have to go into product by product (most in the archive) just to find them. 

Not a bummer but a noticeable change. 

Thanks ya'll 

CD-DJ.com fam for life! (1998 baby!)

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yup, the pioneer site has been a mess for years, if I'm on a mac i cant get to the same firmware page as if i am on a PC, never mind the fact that its slow as crap and it says every day i need to login to post or comment even though i am logged in so out of habit now for ONLY Pioneers site i have to log out and then in every time i go to the page, LOL

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