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Hello, why don't you create the package for LINUX distributions, so you can disengage us from that damned microsoft and its windows bug, on W11 it is impossible to work unless you have carried out a general debloat, also eliminating microsoft edge.
The worldwide DJ community would be very grateful to you and many would immediately switch to Linux, also because you would be the first and, in the computer world, whoever arrives first dictates the law.
To have a reliable platform, we must necessarily turn to the bitten apple subject to its crazy prices and follies.
I am PRO LINUX and you?
Peace, Music & Love

Carmine Di Stefano Répondu

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Every time someone asks about "Why no rekordbox for Linux?" I will provide this link.

TL;DR: It's too expensive to create and maintain for too small a market.

Sorry, but there are no plans for a Linux version of rekordbox or any Pioneer DJ drivers. Thank you for your understanding.

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I support this thread!

Usually, when I need Rekordbox, I also have to boot up to Windows as I am primarily running Linux. There are alternatives for Linux, but not even close to RekordBox and the last time I tried the (as it seems) only alternative that looks like legit DJ software that I'm used to, it didn't even work properly.

Supporting Linux is a great idea.

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