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Updates to Rekordbox 5 to work with FAT32 on Ventura


I own a Rekordbox 5 perpetual license. I also happen to own a brand new Pioneer DDJ-SZ, which I intend to continue using with Rekordbox 5. On gigs, I use only USB Drives prepared with Rekordbox, I have been doing this for years. I want to keep on using Rekordbox 5 to maintain my workflow using single library management: DDJ-SZ at home, CDJs when out on gigs, with only my USB Drives.


Ever since I upgraded to MacOS Ventura, Rekordbox 5 can no longer recognize FAT32 devices, I understand that this has been fixed on Rekordbox 6, I also understand that formatting the drive to Journaled works for recent XDJs and CDJs, but I want my prepared sticks to be formatted to FAT32 so I can play on CDJ 350s/850s without having to worry about formatting, and keep on using Rekordbox 5 for my workflow.

As a perpetual license owner, am I not entitled for a rekordbox 5 fix so it can recognize FAT32 drives again on Ventura? I am not asking for a new feature, but rather, a maintenance release to keep Rekordbox 5 working, as I was PROMISED when I purchased the license.

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I'm sorry that you are experiencing an issue with your drive, but rekordbox 5 is a discontinued product and is not compatible with macOS Ventura.

With the purchase of a license, you were provided access to rekordbox 5, which continues to be available for use on operating systems for which it was officially supported (including up to 10.15 - Catalina; it did work for most users on macOS 11 and 12, but was not officially supported), but we cannot guarantee functionality on systems beyond that and no additional fixes or updates will be issued.

In short, if you wish to continue using rekordbox 5, you must use an OS with which it was compatible.

Thank you for your understanding.

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