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Rekordbox audio output not working on my DDJ-FLX4 (Problem solved)

Hello dear Pioneer-Support,

when I try to play a track rekordbox says "loading error. Check your audio settings.". It's not possible to choose "DDJ-FLX4 WASAPI" in my audio settings, although it is recognized. I checked already all my windows settings. The fit in. Ironically i can open Youtube etc. and can play music trough my DDJ-FLX4 (headphones). While I hear music through Youtube (because the DDJ-FLX4 is chosen in the windows settings as my audio output) it is still not possible to change the audio output in rekordbox to my DDJ-FLX4.

The last days everything was fine. Suddenly it don't work anymore.

Please help me...

Philipp Witte Répondu

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Thanks for the help :)

Now it works again. The problem was in the microphone settings.

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