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Specs for "digital cable" to connect CDJ-3000 to DJM-V10

At the moment I have a set up with two CDJ3000s connected to a DJM-V10 using the "digital cables" supplied with the CDJ3000s in a custom console.

However I am now upgrading my console with two newly purchased turntables and the CDJ3000s will move up behind the mixer on a shelf and I've been pre-warned I'll need new 3 metre cables to properly connect the CDJ3000s on the shelf to the DJM-V10 in the main console top.

Is there any limit to the length the digital cable can be? (If it's less than 3 metres I guess I'll be forced to go back to RCA cables)

And if not, what exactly is the type of digital cable I need (digital cable covers a multitude of sins and I want to make sure I order the right digital cables)

If anyone has a recommendation for a stockist of long digital cables here in the UK please let me know.


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3m should be fine - just make sure you have a 70ohm cable rated for digital (similar are used for video), shielded if possible.

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I know it is a little bit nitpicking, but the impedance of a digital / video cable is 75 ohm, not 70 ohm (this just doesn't exist).

So don't get confused, you want a 75 ohm cable. Indeed, normally these cables are sold as "video cables".

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