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i've been using my old ddj-400 licence key which i don't have anymore, do i need to update it with the new ddj-400's licence key?


Under my account, under licences, I have my old laptops' details and my old ddj-400's licence key which i don't have either of them anymore. i have a new laptop and a new ddj-400 which i have been using for the past 6 months and i was wondering if i can or should update the licence key and also get rid of the old laptop details? and if i do, i am assuming i wouldn't lose anything in my music library(i.e playlists, hot cues)?

Thank you :)

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rekordbox 6 works without a license key; your DDJ-400 will unlock the software simply by connecting the DDJ via USB. If you're wanting to transfer the library, on the old computer, go to File > Library > Backup Library, create the backup and move that file to the new computer where you go to File > Library > Restore Library.

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