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DJM-REC File Size Limit

Is there a known file size limit to what this app can record?

I've attempted to record two nights at our venue, as a .wav file. Both times the recordings cut out at 4.29GB (6:45:48).

This is the latest version of the app (1.4.0) running on an iPhone (with 43GB available). I searched your FAQ's but see nothing about a file/time limit. I like the simplicity of DJM-REC, but this a huge fail. Given that this happened at the exact same time on two separate nights, it can't be a coincidence.

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The 4GB (and change) limit is known because that's the maximum supported by a FAT32 system. Even though your iPhone or a Mac you may connect it to aren't running FAT32, some users own PCs and may still use FAT32 drives, so that's the maximum for any single file on that drive type. Please consider stopping and restarting between DJs.

Thanks for your understanding.

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