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CDJ 2000NX2 and Licensing


I was in Pirate Studios using their  DJM-900 NXS2 and 2 CDJ's 2000 NXS2.  I connected my laptop and when i try to select and press the rotary buttons on the CDJ'S the rekordbox symbol does not appear and therefore i cannot choose a CDJ ("choose rekordbox dj deck") does not pop up. does this mean i have to subscribe the at least rekordbox core plan? 

Am I also right in thinking that CDJ-3000's would not require a plan?

Thanks John

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The hardware you have listed are not a compatible unlock devices and would require a subscription to use for performance mode.

The CDJ-3000 is a hardware unlock device.

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Thats great thank you

I am a bit surprised that rekordbox doesn't provide a prompt to upgrade your sub because this would have prevented a lot of head scratching.



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