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Export to USB issue with Ventura 13.1/Rekordbox 6.6.8

Hi I am having this problem on Rekordbox where when i export my music, even to a freshly formatted FAT32 USB, I get the error in my export files of a lot of music files missing via [1] error code 

[1] which means files do not exist

my music was resourced already in the missing files section via collection on computer soooo there are NO files missing on my computer collection since it is sourced through my USB

however THE ISSUE is under "devices" on my usb after exporting there are many missing.

TLDR: collection on Mac has no missing files. however exported music has missing files on usb in devices even. unable to right click on missing files on USB to find 

I am using the newest Rekordbox 6.6.8 and Mac Ventura.


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I see you've created a ticket; we'll assist you there. Thanks!

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