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DJM 900 redlining, headroom and sound quality

Does redlining on pioneer mixers (either channel or master EQ) cause distortion/have any (noticeable) impact on sound quality? 


I always have both channel and master EQ setup in a way that average volume sits at 0db or slightly below (peaking at first yellow indicator bar) using the channel gain/master output knobs. However I very often see DJs (even professional ones) often having their EQ set in a way that the EQ meter is averaging in the high yellows, very often/regularly peaking into the reds.

Does this not affect sound quality (since the DJM 900 NXS2 for example comes with a whopping 19db headroom to stop people from destroying equipment), or is this just a case of people not understanding how the meters work? Even the manual specifies that you are supposed to average at 0db/peak at the first yellow bar.

I know many venues have their PA setup configured in a way that DJs are almost expected to redline because so many people always play in the reds, but let's disregard that. I purely want to know if redlining can possibly cause distortion, whether it's intentional or not (I know redlining can potentially be used to sort of compress sound on analogue equipment but let's disregard that technique. I am also aware of the separate clipping indicator).

Marco Keller

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Yes running everything in red can cause damage and a bad sound out put.  You see a lot of headliners/redliners because clubs tend to run limiters so it won't blow out the sound system. 

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