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Rekordbox Professional Plan - Admins access to Dropbox files


Are there any plans (excuse the pun) to change how the Professional Plan operates with regards to having to join a "DJ Team" group where technically those admins can access the dropbox account ?

ie, what is discussed here:

Major Professional Plan Dropbox issue – Pioneer DJ

I just bought (paid upfront) the Professional Plan a few hours ago, but upon learning this I am not keen to proceed if there is nothing in the pipeline to change this. Can you confirm this is good enough grounds for a refund?


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As I mentioned in the linked reply to that topic:

The Pioneer DJ / AlphaTheta policy is that we will not access user data, see the privacy policy here. This is no different than Dropbox having access to your data as a customer of their service -- they have no need / interest in accessing your personal files.

There are no plans to change this as being part of the Professional rekordbox plan effectively provides you with an account to access the Team Dropbox plan. Yes, it's administered by AlphaTheta, but no, we don't access your files.

You don't need "grounds" to cancel and request a refund, we're happy to provide that for you if you're concerned about this policy.

Information on cancelling and requesting a refund are on this website.

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