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Song starts with active loop

Hi everyone, 

i really tried to understand / fix this, but i just couldn't get it: 

I read and watched everything about active loops and they seem to work but there is one thing that bothers me so much:

everytime i set an active loop in the middle or end of a track and export the track to my USB - the track will start not at the beginning but right where the active loop sits. 

The only workaround i found, was to make another memory cue at the beginning of each track with an active loop. This clearly is a setting mistake but i cant seem to find what im doing wrong.. any advice? 

Moritz Salem

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If AUTO CUE LEVEL in UTILITY is set to MEMORY, transition to CUE standby at the position of MEMORY CUE (including active LOOP) closest to the beginning of the song.

Turn off AUTO CUE or set AUTO CUE LEVEL in UTILITY to something other than MEMORY.

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