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CDJ3000 - loop + master-deck switch bug?

Hi all. Think I might have found a bug in CDJ-3000 firmware where they will not switch MASTER deck if they are both playing a loop while going on/off air. I've tested and can reproduce this with both decks playing the same track in a loop.

Deck 2 and 3 are both loaded with a sample song. Both decks are told to play a loop (I call up the same loop from memcue). I select deck 2 to be MASTER and start playing. Mixer faders 100% Deck 2, 0% Deck 3, and both show the proper on-air indicators.

I can then beatmatch between the two loops and use the mixer to bring Deck 3 in, then fade Deck 2 out (and taking it off-air), however the MASTER deck remains Deck 2 even though it's off-air and no longer playing.

I can reverse this with deck 3 -> deck 2 and it's 100% repeatable on demand.

Now if I take off the loop and just mix between running tracks on the decks, MASTER behaves as expected. The deck which goes off-air relinquishes MASTER to the on-air deck as it should.

Took a quick video to show the effect (sorry for the shaky camera work): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nHocER3Slf0

I expect this is a really really niche situation so it's not a massive problem, but it's there nonetheless. Unless I've somehow misunderstood the way decks should switch MASTER. 

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This is known and a limitation of the fact the deck is in a loop.

Not a bug, just a nuisance. Sorry!

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