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Tired of the create ticket response.

I have been reading posts about  match beats pulling away on the Rev 7 and I keep saying create a ticket. Why not just answer the question so we can read it. Respond with tutorials, it feels like you are hiding something and I'm starting to rethink purchasing the Rev 7, not to mention there are so many excuses why I can't get it when RANE 4 is on the market. (I def wouldn't get the RANE 4 after watching many reviews). 

I have the DDJ SX3 which I have had fun with but I guess it's time to leave the family. 

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Because the cause of these issues vary, and with a ticket we can not only provide dedicated 1:1 support, but we're able to gather information such as a system report which may contain information that you don't want shared on the internet.

Thanks for your understanding.

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