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Issue importing tracks - inconsistent volume


I have recently updated my laptop to Windows 11 and now appear to have issues uploading tracks to rekordbox ver 6.6.9

As per image when imported rekordbox is clipping the volume as per the attached image. Waveform is inconsistent due to regular decreases in track volume

This also seems to be affecting tracks added to rekordbox recently but prior to the update

Any ideas?

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Sorry, it has to do with the built-in Windows audio codecs; the 22H2 update basically broke AAC encoding (used by M4A files). You can either wait for Microsoft to fix it, or transcode the files to another format.

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Thanks for the update. I have found a workaround by converting tracks in ITunes to MP3 format and re-uploading to Rekordbox

Although this works it is not ideal as I'm having to duplicate tracks in MP4A & MP3 format on my PC and appears to be affecting tracks as far back as the middle of last year. Let's hope Microsoft fix with an update sooner rather than later!

If anyone is aware of any other fixes let me know


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