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When Inserting second USB To RX3 Error 3807 appears

I've had my RX3 since august 2022, stopped having the freezing problem after making the update. This past few weeks have had many problems when inserting other Dj's USBs to my RX3, (while my primary USB was IN), most of the times the Error 3807 comes up in screen and an emergency loop enters, so I can't operate my rx3 until I take the secondary Dj USB out and recognizes mine again. This happend to me already with two well formated USBs (plus my USB) looks like if the problem is MY usb because it happened to me also in a friend's RX2 when inserting my usb as the secondary USB. it is in Fat32 and it is a Patriot Supersonic Rage Pro 3.2 USB. I don't really know what the problem is please help!

Carlos Duran

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