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CDJ 3000 does not read USB Lexar F35 Fingerprint

Hi there,

as the title says, the CDJ 3000s cannot read my Lexar F35. It's formatted as FAT32.

The USB has 2 partitions, which are secured and unsecured. When I plug it in, only the unsecured partition can be read and the CDJ tells me to format (the secured partition) after I use my fingerprint to unlock it. I tried to factory reset the USB a couple of times but it still not working. 

Has anyone experienced the same problem or knows how to solve it? If it is unsolvable I have to return it before 10.02.

Thank you!

Phan Nhat Minh Le Répondu

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CDJs and XDJs can only read the first partition, so it's likely that the drive will not function with CDJs. Sorry!

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