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Intelligent playlist filter groups


Currently when editing an Intelligent playlist you can add filter options and a match type namely match any or match all. Given the following situation: We have 3 tags:

I want a playlist with all tracks with TAG1 or TAG2 but none should have TAG3. So I want (TAG1 OR TAG2) AND (NOT TAG3). This seems to be impossible (correct me if I'm wrong). 

A solution could be to let intelligent playlists consist of a collection of "filter groups" each filter group has its own condition type (AND or OR) and a set of filter options (for example tracks with My Tag contains TAG1  or Genre contains House). The playlist could then consist of a list of these filtergroups also with a condition type. In the UI it would mean adding a new option when selecting a filter, namely "filter group" when you select that one you would need to add more filters to that group.

Lets translate the example above to this suggestion
Match all of the following conditions:
1. filter group: (
      Match any of the following conditions
      1. My Tag contains Tag1
      2. My Tag contains Tag2
2. My Tag does not contain Tag3
If this is already possible and I'm just an idiot please point me in the right direction and ignore this post. 

With kind regards

Edwin Jacobs

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